Efest LUC V4 4-Bay Battery Charger


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LUC V4 Universal LCD Charger Kit by Efest.

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Product Description

Authentic Efest LUC V4 LCD Universal Charger

LUC V4 Universal LCD Charger Kit by Efest. Can charge four different batteries at the same time with independent displays for charging voltage, charging status, and full charge notification. Safest charger with protection against over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection. Compatible with all types of rechargeable Li-ion and LiMn batteries like 10340, 10440, 14500, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16340, 16650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 22650, 26500, and 26650 batteries. It can also charge 15270 and 14250 batteries with a spacer. An added feature, with one full charged battery in channel 2, the LUC V4 can also charge devices with it’s USB socket of DC5V/1A.


  • AC Input Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • AC Output Power: DC 12V 2A
  • DC Input Power: DC 12V2A
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500mA +-5%
  • 22mm RDA
  • 1A CC Current: 1000mA +-5%
  • 2A CC Current: 2000mA +_5%
  • Auto Cut-Off Voltage: 4.2V +_0.05V
  • CV Cut-Off Current: <10% max current
  • Standby Current: <20mA
  • TC Current (Battery Voltage <2.9V): 10mA ~ 20mA
  • Activation Current (Battery Voltage <2V): 10mA +-1mA
  • USB Output Floating Voltage: 5.0-5.5V
  • USB Output Floating Current: <10mA
  • Maximum Output Current: 1A
  • Battery Output Cut-Off Voltage: 3.0 +- 0.05V
  • Auto Recharge Voltage: 3.0 +- 0.15V
  • Operation Temperature: 0 Degrees C ~ 40 Degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 Degrees C ~ 70 Degrees C


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